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Monitoring with experience
WorkLife's Substance Abuse Program can help your company manage its drug and alcohol testing program, and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. Your company will benefit from our specialized processes, technology, and expertise that covers laws and regulations involving Department of Transportation (DOT), non-DOT and employer-mandated substance abuse programs. WorkLife's Substance Abuse Program will help you meet your company's policies by working with the entire Mid Dakota Clinic network as well as our expanded network of clinics to support your program.

Substance abuse programs and services
WorkLife delivers pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion/cause, return to duty, follow up and post-accident drug and alcohol screening, and testing to help maintain a coordinated program that helps control your company's risk. This includes DOT programs as well as employer-mandated programs. You can choose from several testing options for both regulated and non-regulated programs.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Fast, convenient and effective risk control
Drug and alcohol testing and screening for your employees is a key component of your company's risk control plan. WorkLife will help make the process convenient, efficient, and effective. We offer several options to meet your specific needs:
  • Employees can take these tests at our main clinic downtown location or at our north location in the Gateway Mall
  • You can customize your reporting structure and have the results sent to your Designated Employer Representative (DER)
  • Testing turnaround times are within 48 hours, or even faster with our Rapid Test products
  • Drug and Alcohol Consortium Management
  • Oversize truck parking available at north location in the Gateway Mall

Services that help you meet and fulfill your company goals
  • Our drug and alcohol screening and testing is an effective component in ensuring employee health, safety, and productivity
  • WorkLife's DOT drug screenings help you comply with regulatory guidelines set by the DOT
  • Pre-employment drug screenings not only help you in your hiring process, but also help to create a safer work environment

How you'll benefit
  • Centralized information: Your employees' drug and alcohol testing records will be collected and stored in one place
  • A complete solution: WorkLife will help coordinate and manage the collection, lab, Medical Review Officer (MRO) and reporting functions for your workplace drug and alcohol testing program
  • Compliance: You'll be compliant with state and federal substance abuse testing regulations due to our specialized expertise, processes, and technology
  • Collection site network: WorkLife's Substance Abuse Program collaborates with service providers in all 50 states
  • Expedited reporting and results: We offer a web-based reporting system to request our service and review, manage, and report results quickly and accurately


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