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What is a Pre-Work Screen?
A Pre-Work Screen (PWS) is an evaluation performed by a physical/occupational therapist to determine an individual applicant's ability to safely perform the physical requirements of a specific job.

By law, employers are permitted to physically screen applicants only after the job has been offered, conditional on passing the testing or as a last step to ensuring physical fitness to perform the critical physical demands of the job.

What does a PWS include?
  • Medical history questionnaire
  • Musculoskeletal screen to determine pre-employment baseline and any pre-existing limitations regarding joint range of motion, strength and flexibility
  • Job specific testing based on essential job functions from job analysis using actual/simulated equipment/materials
  • Standardized functional assessment including:
    o Lifting/carrying capabilities
    o Force testing
    o Postural tolerances
    o Grip testing
    o Push and pull abilities
    o Ambulation (walking)
    o Climbing and balance abilities
On average, tests last from 30 to 60 minutes and include a brief physical assessment for things like blood pressure and heart monitoring (to ensure there are no safety issues that would prevent testing any given applicant).

A PWS is not a general physical/exam. It measures strength and physical ability.

What are the benefits of Pre-Work Screens for your company?
The benefit of pre-work screening is that companies can be sure the applicant is physically able to safely perform the demands of the job at the time of hire.

These screens have been shown to help reduce turnover, increase productivity, decrease severity of injuries, and lower hiring and training costs. PWSs provide objective data on candidates and allow you to make more informed hiring decisions.


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