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Who's involved in case management?
Through our Workforce Safety & Insurance (WSI) Case Management Program, we help employers effectively manage injury claims. We establish a communications network consisting of the employer, employee, medical provider and a WorkLife case manager. Working together, we can achieve the common goal of returning the injured employee to work as soon as possible without re-injury.

When does the process begin?
Case management begins immediately following the injury and follows the worker through treatment and return to the workplace. Our goal is to ensure that the worker receives appropriate medical care, preferably through a designated medical provider previously established by the employer/employee. Using a designated medical provider who is familiar with your job site and employees enables the case management team to return the injured worker to the job promptly and safely.

Benefits of WorkLife's Case Management Program
Case management can yield significant savings and return the employee to work earlier by effectively managing medical care and claims, while ensuring that the employee receives the appropriate medical treatment. We also provide up-to-date injury status reports to WSI and to the employer. The WorkLife case manager is the critical link in the communication process between WSI, the employer, the medical provider and the injured worker.


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