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"I began my journey actually in 1999. I looked into numerous surgeons and just never felt comfortable. My weight was always an issue. I was like most people trying dieting and a nationally recognized program. When I met you guys, I knew instantly that I wanted to do it through the PrimeCare Surgical Weight Loss Program. I was treated more as a friend and you guys took personal interest in me. That has continued post op from over 1,000 miles away!

The entire process was amazing. I was lucky for sure. I was the first round acceptance. Jean (Bariatric Clinical Coordinator) and I discussed options and scheduled me for January 15, 2014. I was by myself the morning of the surgery. Your staff was amazing all the way, from check in to check out. I hate to say this but the process was FUN. The nurses were amazing and kept me laughing and again took personal interest. Not just in me but the well-being of my fiancée, Melanie, as well. This meant the world to me.

So for stats, I had been as high as 452 pounds. I am now 197.2 pounds and I guess maintaining. I am happy at this weight. My blood pressure went from borderline high to an average of 100/67. My pulse rate at rest went from 120 beats per minute to 52. My sugar went from a fasting 108 to 78.

As for lifestyle, Jessica (Bariatric Service Line Coordinator) and I have discussed many things. Shopping for clothing is awesome, except I never have enough money. When clothes look good, you want EVERYTHING. I bought my first wool pea coat this year. I wear jeans almost all the time now. Outdoor activities are something I love. I had quit doing most but now am back doing them at a higher level than ever. My energy levels are through the roof. I am living for the first time ever!"

Mike's keys to success after weight loss surgery:

Water - "This is huge! I was a massive Mountain Dew drinker. I have read on many sites that proper hydration also helps the skin rebound. I bought a 24 ounce thermos hydration bottle that keeps ice cold for 14 hours. I found I drink more water if I keep it cold."

Exercise - "I am not saying to sprint marathons or become a world class weight lifter, but to get up and move. Walk around and enjoy life. Take up golfing or another hobby that encourages movement and flexibility. Change your habits now!"

Portions - "After 14 months I still measure my food. It is my control thing but I do it. Don't do anything that the staff says could stretch your pouch. I compare it to this: If you bought any tool of this value how would you treat it? Would you stretch it and beat it or try to break it before the new was off of it? No, you would protect it and value it. I love my pouch and treat it as such.

Thank you
"Thank you to all. I could not imagine having better results or being happier. This is a lifestyle at this point that I LOVE! Dr. Helbling, I personally thank you. You personally have made my life worth living again. You gave me this amazing tool. Every day it goes through my head not to disappoint you or your amazing staff. The care I was shown during the entire process was amazing. I cannot wait to see you again."

Your initial consultation is free. For more information, contact the Bariatric Nurse Navigator at 701.712.4754, toll-free 800.472.2113 ext. 4754. We're here to help.

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