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FAQIs weight loss surgery reversible?
Gastric Bypass - No
Lap Band - Yes
Sleeve Gastrectomy - No

Is there guaranteed success?
No. These surgeries can be defeated by falling back into old patterns.

Will you take my gallbladder out when you do my surgery?
No. We do not remove healthy gallbladders. If you have evidence of stones or disease it will be removed.

What are the age limits for these surgery?
18 is the youngest. Patients as old as 65 have had these surgeries, however, all patients are individually considered.

When can I go back to work?
Based on the individual, procedure and type of work you do.

When can I drive?
When off of narcotic pain medication.

When can I exercise?
Walking is recommended in moderation immediately after surgery. 4-6 weeks for more intense exercise depending on which surgery you choose.

Can I drink alcohol?
We don't encourage alcohol consumption due to carbonation and intake of empty calories.

Am I going to have loose skin after I lose weight?
Probably. Reconstructive surgery may be an option for people who experience an excessive amount of loose skin.

Your initial consultation is free. For more information, contact the Bariatric Nurse Navigator at 701.712.4754, toll-free 800.472.2113 ext. 4754. We're here to help.

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