Lifestyle habits learned in childhood often stay with us for life. Our MyWeigh, Too pediatric weight loss plan helps children achieve a healthy weight and learn healthy eating and exercise habits. The plan starts with an initial visit for the child’s guardian, with subsequent visits including the guardian and the child. Each visit includes specific goals and homework assignments to increase accountability, facilitate implementation of lifestyle changes, and ensure the child’s understanding of program material. These visits are customized to meet your family's specific needs and goals.

MyWeigh, Too

MyWeigh, Too includes:
  • Ten one-on-one visits with a licensed registered dietitian (LRD)
  • Initial visit is for guardian only, while visits 2-10 are intended for guardian and child
  • Topics covered include portion sizes, meal preparation, exercise, grocery shopping and label reading, snacks and lunch, dining out, and much more 
  • iStock_000078236941_Medium_caterpillar_kiwi.jpgFollow-up is suggested every 2-4 weeks
  • Visits must be completed within one year of start date

$249 for entire plan, due at the initial visit.

Mini MyWeigh, Too
This is a smaller version of the MyWeigh, Too plan. 

Mini MyWeigh, Too includes:
  • Three one-on-one visits with a licensed registered dietitian (LRD)
  • Initial visit is for guardian only, while visits two and three are intended for guardian and child
  • Topics covered include portion sizes, meal preparation, and exercise

$99 for entire plan, due at the initial visit.
If you subsequently choose to enroll your child in the MyWeigh, Too Plan, your $99 will be applied to the $249  cost of that plan. Your child may then attend the remaining seven visits in the MyWeigh, Too plan.

Registration is required for both programs. Call (701) 530-6330, toll-free 1-800-472-2113 ext. 6330 for more information on the MyWeigh, Too Plan for children or any of our weight loss solutions. 

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