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Medically AssistedMedically assisted weight loss is grounded in nutritional science and guided by healthcare providers. As a part of this process, an initial medical screening to include metabolic testing, a general health panel, a lipid panel, and urinalysis is performed to assess possible underlying issues, such as metabolic disorders, that may play a role in a patient's weight loss journey. This comprehensive approach ensures that a patient's body is ready and able to withstand weight changes, and allows for medication management as recommended.
You do not purchase pre-packaged meals, you are not given a “one size fits all” plan, and you will not go through the process alone. This program is individualized to meet weight loss goals that benefit your individual health needs. A support team with medical expertise guides you through the weight loss process in a multifaceted approach keeping your health at the center of their focus.
MyWeigh Medically Assisted includes:

A healthcare provider consultation
  • Physical and nutritional history
  • Medical screening for metabolic disorders
  • Addressing health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, etc.
  • Medication management

Visits with a licensed registered dietitian (LRD)
  • Menu planning to help you shop for healthy food
  • Meal preparation to use the ingredients you have on hand
  • Planning for healthy eating when dining out
  • Exercise

$240 for entire plan, due at the initial visit.

Call 701.712.4501 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4501 for more information on the MyWeigh Medically Assisted Plan for adults or any of our weight loss solutions.

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