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Varithena® is a new, minimally invasive treatment option that involves injecting the veins with a microfoam product. This procedure is performed in-office and usually takes about an hour. The injection site is numbed, and then small amounts of Varithena® microfoam are administed into the vein, either by direct injection or through a catheter. The foam causes the treated area of the vein to collapse, and the blood flow shifts to healthier veins nearby. The foam then disperses as it comes into contact with blood flowing through healthy veins.

 Following the procedure, the injection site will be bandaged and the leg will be fitted with compression wraps or stockings. You will be advised about how long to keep the bandages and compression in place, and receive recommendations for gradually increasing levels of movement and activity. Some patients may need only a single treatment, while others may require multiple treatments depending on the number and size of the veins involved.




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