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1. A parent or legal guardian must sign all consent forms.

2. A parent or legal guardian must remain at the Surgicenter during the operation and recovery time.

3. You will be able to be with your child much of the pre-surgical and recovery time.

4. We encourage you to make arrangements for other children at home so you may devote full attention to the child having surgery.

5. It is not safe for anyone to drive while caring for a child who has had surgery. You will want to bring another adult along to assist you with the ride home.

6. Your child cannot eat or drink anything eight hours before surgery. When the Surgicenter nurse calls you the afternoon prior to surgery, you will receive special feeding instructions for infants.

7. For infants, please bring any bottled milk or formula that your child may want after surgery, along with a change of clothing.

8. If you wish, you may bring your child's favorite blanket or stuffed animal to provide comfort to your child.

9. Please bring an extra pair of undergarments for your child.

10. Pain can be a common part of your child's experience. We use the Wong-Baker Faces Pain Rating Scale to rate your child's pain and aid in pain management.


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