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1. You will need a family member or friend to receive written instructions with you, drive you home and help take care of you as you recover.

2. Go directly home or to the home of your caregiver, not shopping. Rest quietly at home, no physical exertion, including housework. You should not drive a car or operate any machinery for 24 hours.

3. Arrange for a responsible person to stay with you for the rest of the day and overnight for your safety and protection.

4. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, including beer, for 24 hours.

5. Do not make any important decisions or sign any legal documents for 24 hours.

6. Begin eating with light foods, such as Jell-O, soup, juice or toast. Progress to your normal diet if not nauseated.

7. If you are unable to empty your bladder 6-8 hours after leaving the Surgicenter, notify your doctor's office or the doctor on call.

8. A prescription for pain medications may be given to you prior to your discharge. Please notify the staff if you are unable to tolerate pain medications.

9. Normally you can plan to do activity as tolerated after the first 24 hours.

10. On the day of surgery, a follow-up appointment will be made for you.

11. A Surgicenter nurse will call you the next working day after your surgery to check on your progress and answer any questions you might have.

12. In the event of questions or concerns, please call your doctor's office at 701.712.4500, toll-free 800.472.2113, or the CHI St. Alexius Health Emergency Room at 701.530.7000.


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