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Your discharge time will depend on how your recovery progresses. It is normal to feel a little dizzy and sleepy after surgery. Your approximate length of stay in the recovery room will be 30 mintues to three hours. Your accompanying adult may be able to join you here.

While in recovery:
  • You will be cared for by nurses, who will monitor your blood pressure, pulse and breathing.
  • If you have nausea or vomiting after surgery, you can get medication to help you feel better.
  • You may have a mild sore throat if a tube was placed in your windpipe during surgery.
  • You may be given oxygen to help you breathe.
  • As the anesthetic wears off, the area of your surgery may hurt or burn. Your nurse will ask you to rate your pain from 0 to 10; 0 is no pain, 10 is the most severe pain. If you are having pain, please let your nurse know.


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