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Image of woman on x-ray table
X-ray is the oldest and most frequently used form of radiology. Like light waves and radio waves, x-rays are a form of radiation. They pass through most objects, including the body, and record an image on specific materials. For years, the material used was film. Now we use a digital imaging plate, which offers greater image clarity. Dense materials such as bone absorb more of the radiation, making them appear white on an x-ray. Softer tissues that allow more of the x-rays to pass through appear in shades of gray.

For most x-rays, you'll lie on a table with the x-ray machine above you. For some x-rays, you may stand in front of the machine. The technologist will position you for the proper images, and ask you to lie very still while the images are taken. You may be asked to hold your breath briefly. The technologist may reposition you as needed for additional images. The time it will take to complete the x-ray series depends upon the area or areas to be imaged and the number of images needed.


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