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In this procedure, a wire is used to mark the area of abnormal tissue in the breast. A surgeon then uses that wire to locate the tissue that needs to be removed. This procedure enables the surgeon to pinpoint the abnormality with greater precision, making it easier to remove the abnormal tissue and minimize the effect on normal tissue.

The breast will be numbed with a local anesthetic. A technologist will do an ultrasound or take x-rays to locate the abnormal tissue. The radiologist will then insert a hollow needle and position it so the tip of the needle is in the center of the abnormality, using the ultrasound or x-ray images as a guide. When the needle is in the proper position, a wire will be threaded through it and the needle will be removed. A mammogram will be taken to confirm that the wire is correctly positioned. The surgeon will use the wire to locate the abnormal tissue, which is excised for biopsy. The surgery may be performed under local or general anesthesia. Once the tissue has been removed, the wire is taken out.


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