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Breast_MRIAn MRI uses a magnetic field and radio frequencies to produce a detailed picture of the internal structure of the breast. This procedure may be indicated for patients meeting the following criteria:
  • Women who have a family history of breast cancer in close relatives
  • Further evaluation of an abnormality on a mammogram
  • Further evaluation following a breast cancer diagnosis to determine the extent of the cancer
  • Follow-up evaluation after a lumpectomy
  • Evaluation of breast cancer in patients undergoing chemotherapy
  • Evaluation of the status of breast implants
Unless your doctor instructs you otherwise, you can follow your normal routine on the day of the MRI. Any metal objects will interfere with the MRI unit, so you'll be asked to remove all jewelry, watches, removable metal dental work, eyeglasses, and any other metal items.

For most MRI exams of the breast, a contrast dye is injected through a vein in your arm or hand. You'll be positioned face-down on a platform that has openings to accommodate your breasts. Unlike a mammogram, no compression is used. You'll be positioned in the MRI unit and asked to remain still while the images are taken. The imaging session usually lasts between 30 minutes and an hour, with the entire procedure being completed within an hour and a half.


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