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For individuals with diabetes, neuropathy (nerve damage), or peripheral vascular disease (poor blood flow) non-healing wounds called ‘ulcers' may develop on the feet. These wounds may be caused by deformities of the feet causing excess pressure and friction, by poor blood flow, by excessive swelling in the feet, or by an injury. It is important to remember that when these wounds are slow to heal or show signs of infection such as drainage, redness, swelling, odor, and warmth, they need to be evaluated by your podiatrist or family doctor immediately. Ulcers should be treated specifically according to their cause and cannot all be treated the same. Podiatrists have special wound care training to help identify the cause of these wounds and to address healing and prevention of the wounds once they're healed.

It is important to remember that although a wound may look small, if it is not healing it can be a very significant risk for serious infection. Many people have had to undergo amputation of toes, feet, and legs because of simple wounds that were ignored or only treated with home remedies.


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