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Women may experience looseness or laxity in the vagina or the perineum, the area just below the vaginal opening, due to childbirth and/or the aging process. This laxity can result in an unsatisfying sexual experience for both partners. This procedure tightens the lax areas, reducing the size of the vaginal canal and providing increased support to the vagina and perineum.

What issues does this procedure address?
  • Feelings of looseness, laxness, or drooping
  • Feelings of self-consciousness which may lead to avoiding intimacy
  • Lack of sexual pleasure for both partners due to lack of friction in intercourse
  • Difficulty becoming aroused or achieving orgasm
How is this procedure performed?
The areas of stretched tissue in the vagina are identified and drawn closer together, creating a stronger and smaller vaginal canal. Depending on the patient's needs, we may also address incontinence issues and tighten the perineum. No scalpels are used. Incisions are made using a high-precision radiofrequency device that minimizes swelling and leaves no scars.

What is the recovery timeframe?
Soreness and minor swelling can be expected for the first two to three days. Normal, non-strenuous activities can generally be resumed within three to four days. Exercise or other strenuous activity, and tampon use should be avoided for six weeks.

When can patients resume having sex?
Most patients can resume sexual activity after six weeks.

Call the office of Dr. Shannon Bradley at 701.712.4507 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4507 for more information. 


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