The clitoris is nerve-rich, highly sensitive, and important to female arousal and orgasm. The clitoral hood, or prepuce, surrounds this sensitive tissue. A large clitoral hood can prevent clitoral stimulation, resulting in frustration and disappointment during sexual activity. It can also cause chafing, discomfort, and feelings of self-consciousness. For patients with a large clitoral hood, a reduction can improve appearance, comfort, and sexual function.

Who is a candidate for this procedure?
  • Women who have difficulty becoming aroused or achieving orgasm due to excess tissue interfering with clitoral stimulation
  • Women who experience chafing or discomfort in tight clothing or during physical exertion
  • Women who feel self-conscious or avoid intimacy due to their appearance in this area

Can this procedure be combined with labia minoraplasty and/or majoraplasty?
Yes. Women with excess labial tissue often have excess clitoral hood tissue as well.

Does this procedure alter the clitoris?
No, the clitoris itself is not altered. Only the clitoral hood is altered to remove the excess tissue.

How is this procedure performed?
No scalpels are used. The tissue is removed and the hood re-sculpted using the Ellman Surgitron, a radiofrequency device that allows a high degree of precision, minimizes swelling, and leaves no scars.

What is the recovery timeframe?
Patients generally experience soreness and minor swelling for two to three days following the procedure. Most normal activities can be resumed within three days. Patients should avoid exercise or strenuous activity, tampon use, and sexual intercourse for six weeks as well as take showers rather than baths.

When can patients resume having sex?
Most patients can resume sexual activity after six weeks.

Call the office of Dr. Shannon Bradley at (701) 530-6027, toll-free 1-800-472-2113 ext. 6027 for more information.


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