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Dr. Randal CorfmanCouples who have tried unsuccessfully to conceive for one year may make an appointment with any of our OB/GYN doctors. The doctor will do the initial evaluation and begin treatment. If more assistance is needed, Dr. Randle Corfman, a nationally recognized reproductive endocrinologist, is available for consultation at the Center for Women.

Dr. Corfman specializes in providing Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to couples who need advanced treatment. The most successful type of advanced infertility treatment is In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), which is used when a woman's fallopian tubes are blocked or when a man's sperm count is low. A process is used to fertilize eggs outside of the body and place them in the uterus.

About Dr. Corfman
Dr. Randle Corfman is nationally recognized for his successful and innovative methods of assisting couples to achieve pregnancy. He is the founder of the Midwest Center for Reproductive Health in Maple Grove, MN. He has a medical degree from the University of Kansas School of Medicine and a doctorate degree in biochemistry from Kansas State University. Additionally, Dr. Corfman completed an obstetrics and gynecology residency at Wesley Medical Center and was a distinguished Fellow in reproductive endocrinology at Yale University.

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