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Bretta & Hudson

Hi there, my name is Bretta. I am going to briefly tell you about my quitting smoking journey. I BTMP Test 1was an avid smoker from about 16 years old up until I found out I was pregnant at 26. I would smoke about a half a pack a day and even more if I was going out on the town. I smoked menthols which most say are worse than regular cigarettes. I would always be sick. Every year I would get multiple colds, get bronchitis multiple times, and I would constantly break out in cold sores.

I found out I was pregnant in Oct of 2019. I knew right away that I had to quit smoking to ensure that my baby would be the healthiest it could be and to make sure that I could be at my healthiest while carrying my baby. I basically quit cold turkey. After I found out about my pregnancy I had just a few cigarettes left in my pack (yes, I finished them) but once that was gone, I was done!! My husband smokes as do a lot of my friends so I was very worried that it would be hard for me to stay quit. It honestly was not!! My husband even though he was still smoking was my biggest supporter in this journey. He quit smoking around me and in the vehicles. My friends and family also supported me so much in me wanting to and staying quit. I was so determined to not smoke that I drilled it in my head I was not going to do it anymore especially while pregnant.

On June 10th, 2020, my handsome, healthy, baby boy was born! A year later I am still smoke free. I dislike the smell of smoke and being around it bothers me so much. I am so grateful I chose to quit. I have not had one cold sore, cold, or even a sniffle since I quit smoking. My immune system has been great, and I truly believe it is all because I quit smoking! I worked with the ND quits program and did weekly and biweekly calls to a quit coach, I worked with a doctor at Mid Dakota and she led me to the smoke free baby and me program which has been a life saver! If you stay quit during and after baby, you will get vouchers for diapers and wipes! How awesome is it that you get rewarded for bettering yourself and your baby!! I recommend quitting smoking to everyone especially soon to be moms! If you do not think you can do it on your own definitely utilize the options provided by your doctor and the ND quits program! Having a good support system, along with the tools the hospital and the ND Quits program provide I am determined that anyone will be able to quit, but you have to really want it!!

Do it not only for yourself, but most importantly your precious baby!


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