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We are honored and privileged to welcome the Mid Dakota Clinic family to Essentia Health.
At Mid Dakota Clinic, we care about your health and strive to help you stay up to date with your immunizations. Your provider can determine when immunization should begin and help you catch up if you are behind.

Immunizations are important to protect everyone against childhood diseases such as measles, mumps, diphtheria, whooping cough, polio, and other communicable diseases. The first shots for most of these diseases should be given when a child is still a baby. Many of these immunizations are required for school or day care and these requirements sometimes change, so keeping up to date as children progress from K-12 is very important.
Paying attention to immunization schedules is also crucial as you age. It can be easy to neglect this aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle so be sure and see your provider at Mid Dakota Clinic for the latest vaccine recommendations.
If you have questions regarding your vaccine status, please call our Immunization Coordinator at 701.712.4761.

For more information on vaccines and immunizations visit the CDC website.


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