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Audiologists specialize in the evaluation and treatment of hearing disorders, auditory rehabilitation, and the prevention of hearing loss. For diagnostic purposes, a battery of tests are conducted to identify the extent and nature of different types of ear pathology. Special objective tests are available for pediatric patients, which includes the testing of infants and toddlers. Insurance companies may require a referral from a doctor to receive audiology services.

After a comprehensive diagnostic assessment, the audiologist will determine the options available to the patient to help overcome the hearing problem. These options may include a referral to an ear, nose & throat (ENT) specialist, family doctor, or other medical personnel.

With adult patients, the most effective treatment option often will be the use of hearing aids. The audiologist is the professional most qualified to determine the most appropriate type, style, and model of hearing aids for each individual and, through digital programming technology, fit these hearing aids appropriately to each patient's unique hearing loss. Mid Dakota Clinic offers several hearing aid payment options to help patients obtain hearing aids that are best suited for their personal communication needs.  

We offer the following services to assist with all of your hearing needs:
  • Complete Hearing Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Evaluations
  • Hearing Aid Sales & Service
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
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