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How satisfied are you with our services?

Everyone on our staff is dedicated to patient satisfaction. We invite you to take the brief survey below and tell us about your experience with our services. The information will be used to help us ensure that we are offering our patients the highest quality services and meeting all of their needs. Please do not include any personally identifying information in your response. If you would like someone to respond to any questions or concerns, please call Karla at (701) 530-5887 or 1-800-472-2113 ext. 5887.

Your comments help us continue to improve our service to patients. For statements 2-11, please choose one answer that best describes your experience.

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The procedure I consulted Dr. Yearsley for:
Dr. Yearsley made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Dr. Yearsley was clear in his explanation of the surgery, risks, and complications.

Dr. Yearsley was responsive and open to my questions.

I was satisfied with the service and attention of the Practice Coordinator.

The materials I received from the Practice Coordinator were professional, and provided enough information for me to make a decision about surgery.

Fees are a major consideration in choosing a plastic surgeon.

I was satisfied with the Insurance/Pre-authorization process following my consultation.

The appearance of the office was pleasing and comfortable.

I was satisfied with the service I received when I originally called to schedule my consultation.

The Practice Coordinator was friendly and helpful when I arrived at the office.

I would recommend Dr. Yearsley to my friends and family.

How could we have made your consultation a more comfortable, productive experience?
Additional comments:

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