Most Americans log 75,000 miles on their feet by the age of 50.  Are your feet up to the task? April is Foot Health Awareness Month, so we’re sharing tips to help you get there.
During the summer, follow these tips so you can spend your time in the sunshine instead of the doctor’s office:
  1. Limit walking barefoot to prevent risk of infection and injury.
  2. Wear shoes or flip flops around the pool, beach, and locker room to limit bacterial infection.
  3. Apply sunscreen all over your feet and ankles before and after you’ve been in the water.
During the winter, remember these guidelines to protect your feet from deep snow and sub-zero temperatures:
  1. Buy properly fitting boots that allow you to wiggle your toes, but immobilize the heel.
  2. Consider using foot powder inside socks if you notice excess sweating.
  3. Only ski and snowboard while wearing ski boots designed for that purpose.
Consider this advice for the entire year:
  1. Work with a podiatrist to manage foot-related complications that are common for those with arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.
  2. Make smart shoe selections, especially with shoes like high heels and flip flops.
  3. Purchase sport-specific shoes that will prevent foot and ankle injuries.
With proper detection, intervention, and care you can lessen and prevent foot and ankle problems. To learn more about our podiatrists, click on the links below.
Gregory Iwaasa, DPM
Andrew Knudsen, DPM