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Quitting Tobacco: A Mother's Success Story
Bretta H.
Smoked 1/2 a pack of cigarettes a day for 10 years
Quit cold turkey on 10/12/19 when she was 4 weeks pregnant
Worked with a doctor at Mid Dakota Clinic who led her to the NDQuits program
Delivered a healthy baby boy on 6/10/20!

Since I quit smoking in Oct of 2019 I feel so much better! Since I have graduated the program I will admit that there have been some times where I would want to try smoking again but I reassure myself that I have been quit for this long and for myself and my baby I do not need to go back to that nasty habit. The only times not smoking really ever affects me is when I am around a group of friends having a night out and everyone goes out to smoke and I am left out. Other than those few instances quitting smoking has only benefited me and makes me a better and healthier mom and person for myself and my baby.

The only struggles that I have dealt with are mentioned above in the whole being around large groups where everyone else is doing it. Sort of like a peer pressure, but no one is actually pressuring me to do it. Once I get the smell of the smoke though, I no longer care and am so glad that I don’t smell like the smoke anymore. The way I get through making sure I don’t smoke or I am not tempted is always telling myself that I don’t need to be smelly for my baby, as even the smoke from my clothes is not good for him at all.

My biggest supporter in my quit smoking journey has been and still is my husband. He always says how proud he is that I quit so easily and willingly and that I remain smoke free now that our baby is a year old. My parents have also been very supportive as they were both previous smokers and know what it's like to try to quit let alone go cold turkey. 

My main motivator to stay smoke free is my son. He is the happiest, smileyest, best baby out there. I would essentially miss out on so much if I was constantly stepping away from him to go smoke. I also know that he is that much healthier not being around the smoking and the smell from not only my clothing but the second hand smoke he could potentially be exposed to. Also another big motivator for me was breastfeeding. Tobacco is the first thing that will get transferred to breastmilk so making sure again that my baby stays healthy I needed to be my healthiest to make sure he got the proper nutrition and did not get any of the nasty things that are in cigarettes.

Since I quit smoking I have noticed how much healthier I have been. I have not been sick one time since I have quit. This last year with all the illnesses going around, covid, the nasty flu bug, I have remained so healthy. I also used to suffer from cold sores and I have had only 1 since I quit smoking almost 2 years ago.

[Bretta spent about $1,000.00 per year on tobacco products and has saved over $1,600.00 since quitting]. Hearing this amount that I have saved is honestly astonishing. I cannot believe I was basically throwing that money away for so many years. I do believe that we really are seeing a change in our finances having not spent this money, but with a baby, and a spoiled one at that, we probably tend to spend that money just as fast on him…BUT that spending is totally worth it!! 

I really honestly don’t know if I have actually “rewarded” myself for not smoking for so long. I believe that myself being healthy and being healthy for my child and having such a healthy child is a reward in itself. 

If any mothers are worried that they are going to relapse after having their baby I would just say, have the best mind set. I do truly believe quitting smoking and staying quit is all a mind game. If you tell yourself you cannot do it or you’re going to go back, chances are you probably will. If you continue to remind yourself that I quit for me, I quit for my baby, you WILL remain quit and it will not be hard at all! Have faith in yourself and just know you are doing this so you can be the healthiest version for not only yourself but your babies as well!

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