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Mid Dakota Clinic Wins Intalere Healthcare Achievement Award
Mid Dakota Clinic has been recognized by Intalere, the healthcare industry leader in delivering solutions designed for improved financial, operational and clinical health for its partners, as an Intalere Healthcare Achievement Award winner in the category of Quality and Patient Care Delivery or Patient Satisfaction. Through this annual awards program, Intalere recognizes successful initiatives its members implement to enhance quality and operations, improve patient satisfaction and increase community awareness and education.
Mid Dakota Clinic’s winning project, Health Coaches Proactively Follow Up to Reduce ED Visits, involved decreasing high rates of non-emergent visits in the ER. See the project details below:
Mid Dakota Clinic was experiencing a high rate of emergency department (ED) utilization due to some patients using the ED as their first point of care, instead of their primary care provider (PCP) or urgent care.
Mid Dakota Clinic increased the integration of health coaches (HCs) into their primary care practices to ensure all discharged ED patients receive timely follow-up. HCs call these patients within 48 hours of their discharge to review care plans, medications, lab work, imaging results, and home health services as needed. They help determine whether to schedule an in-office visit with the PCP or other specialists and may also follow up with patients on their blood pressure, diabetes, or other chronic conditions. Patients are also encouraged to contact their PCPs first before visiting the ED so they can be triaged properly.
After 12 months, Mid Dakota Clinic's rate of potentially preventable ED visits (PPVs) improved from -20.51% to -24.45% (actual PPVs was 1,091 compared to 1,444 expected PPVs). Mid Dakota Clinic was recently ranked as the top performing CPC+ (Comprehensive Primary Care Plus) practice in the state of North Dakota and in the top 4.5% nationally. One of the key components of this ranking was maintaining a low ED utilization rate.

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