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Comprehensive Care Plus program
Our 9th & Rosser Main Clinic, Gateway Mall Clinic, and Kirkwood Mall Clinic locations have received recognition for being in the top 4.5% nationwide in the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) program. CPC+ is a new patient-centered approach to primary care that aims to provide better care, smarter spending, and healthier people. Mid Dakota Clinic is the top ranked clinic in North Dakota in this program.
Marvin Lein, CEO at Mid Dakota Clinic said, “There are over 2,800 participating clinics in the nation working on improving primary care for patients, and all three of our primary care clinics are among the very exclusive top 4.5% of all of them. In furthering our commitment to our patients, this achievement was made possible by the tremendous team effort of our doctors, advanced practice providers, nurses, health coaches, and quality management staff.”
As the doctors you know and trustâ„ , Mid Dakota Clinic wants to make sure patients are seeing their primary care providers first. The focus of this program is on prevention efforts to keep the patient well with better care and the assistance of health coaches. Mid Dakota Clinic health coaches provide additional outreach to patients with follow-up calls after hospital discharge to answer questions about care plans, verify if medication was picked up, and determine if additional appointments must be scheduled with their regular doctor or a specialist. They may review lab or imaging results and help arrange for home health services as needed. Health coaches may also follow up with patients on their blood pressure, diabetes, or other chronic conditions for four or more weeks depending on the patient’s needs. This year to date, Mid Dakota Clinic’s health coaches have made almost 9,000 follow-up calls to patients.
The enhanced coordinated care model under CPC+ helps patients be seen consistently and timely by their primary care provider, who manages their entire spectrum of care and helps them achieve better health outcomes. CPC+ also benefits patients financially by seeing their primary care provider more often than going to the emergency room and hospital, resulting in less money spent.
As a member of CPC+, Mid Dakota Clinic has improved primary care in North Dakota. To earn recognition, Mid Dakota Clinic’s primary care clinics scored well in clinical quality measures, patient experience survey scores, and reducing hospital and ER visits that impact the total cost of care.
Mid Dakota Clinic’s team achieved high screening rates for breast cancer, cervical cancer, and colorectal cancer by using electronic health records to remind patients of recommended screenings and identified several patients with serious behavioral health concerns by administering depression questionnaires at the beginning of office visits. They also offered special vaccination clinics during the year and increased vaccination rates for several vaccines, including influenza which is responsible for hospitalizing over 200,000 adults in the US annually.
CPC+ allows Mid Dakota Clinic to continue delivering high-quality, personalized, and professional care that patients have come to expect from their doctors.

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