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KX News Report: Educating pregnant women about the COIVD-19 vaccine
KX News ~ Nikiya Carrero reporting
Educating pregnant women about the COVID-19 vaccine (video)

Featuring Dr. Jerry Obritsch

Pregnant women were not included in the initial studies of the COVID-19 vaccine, but after more trials, the CDC is now recommending the shot for expecting mothers.

The agency has now found the vaccine not only provides mothers but also babies with antibodies that help with immunity.

A local obstetrician says there are pros and cons: The pros are acquiring immunity, the cons are the symptoms that come with the shot, like sore arms.

He says, for him, educating patients is key.

“There is hesitancy as you know with acquiring the immunization and so I feel my role as an obstetrician, gynecologist is to provide accurate, scientific information for my patients to make an informed choice,” said Jerry Obritsch.

He says the great news is that the virus itself does not pass from mothers to babies.

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