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KFYR-TV Report: One in 100,000: Mandan Couple Expecting Identical Triplets
KFYR-TV ~ Jody Kerzman Reporting

MANDAN, N.D. (KFYR) – A Mandan couple just wanted one more baby. Instead, they’re having three!

Heather Muscha Metcalf and her husband, Tyler, always wanted a baby girl. “We were really hoping for a baby girl, and now we’ve got three!” said Muscha Metcalf.

Muscha Metcalf is pregnant with triplets. That only happens once in about every 8,000 pregnancies. But Heather is carrying identical triplets. Those are even more uncommon. “Probably one in 100,000 or even more rare,” said Laura Knutson, MD and Muscha Metcalf’s OB-GYN.

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