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Image of baby formula scoop and bottle
KFYR-TV ~ Christa Kiedrowski Reporting
A shortage of baby formula has hit many states in the country, with North Dakota being one of them.

Marie Jensen, RN with the Mid Dakota Clinic Center for Women Healthy Beginnings program explains that she is able to give out samples of baby formula to patients of the clinic when supply is available. Some parents might think to dilute the formula to make it last longer, however that can be detrimental to your baby. "Diluting formula can be extremely dangerous for babies. Their kidneys cannot handle excessive water intake, so babies under the age of six months should not have any water, breastmilk only or formula," Jensen says.

If you are having a hard time finding the formula your baby needs, she suggests calling your pediatrician to see if the clinic has any samples available or ask if they can help you look online to find a reputable vendor.

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