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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 4-15-20
Dear Mid Dakota Clinic Patient, 

Thank you for your continued trust in Mid Dakota Clinic. Here is what to expect from us as we continue to serve your needs.
Access Care for Any Need
While our clinics continue to provide special care for COVID-19 patients, we recognize that all patients need care. We recognize that YOU still need care. Whether it is a prescription refill, follow up for high blood pressure or other chronic conditions, evaluation of an injury, or to stay up to date on immunizations; all our locations remain open and have timely appointments – call Patient Scheduling at 701.712.4501. In addition, our TODAY Clinic locations remain open with normal hours and will treat all appropriate needs.
Rest assured that we continue to provide you with a healthy environment for any care you need.
View our clinic locations and hours here.Mask II
Patient and Visitor Update
We require all staff and patients to wear a mask throughout their appointment regardless of how they are feeling. If you have your own mask, you will be encouraged to continue wearing that mask throughout your visit. 
Thank You for Your Generosity
We are experiencing an outpouring of generosity and support. Many businesses and individuals from our community have provided our healthcare workers with essential supplies, personal protective equipment (PPE), and notes of appreciation. Please know that every gesture, big and small, is cherished. If you have any questions regarding donation of supplies or PPE, please contact Mid Dakota Clinic Purchasing at 701.712.4015 or email #ILUVBISMAN
Stay Up to Date  
We thank you for choosing Mid Dakota Clinic. As the doctors you know and trust, we are here to provide the care you or your family may need. 
Robert Tanous, DO
Medical Director

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