Clinic Goes All Out for Christmas

Sara Heinrich, Reporting
For kids, going to the doctor isn't much fun. But, it helps when Santa is on scene and the clinic and exam rooms look like a winter wonderland.

Reporter Sarah Heinrich has the story.

CandyCane Lane.
And 3 trees.
A complete winter wonderland inside of a ... clinic.
(Tammy Berger / RN, Mid Dakota Clinic) "We started out small with employees stockings with names on them. 3 Christmas trees later, decorations from home, doctors donating time and money, nurses donating time and money. It just escalated from there."
Mid Dakota Clinic Kirkwood Mall Pediatrics is creating the perfect Christmas scene for their patients.
(Diane Glatt / LPN, Mid Dakota Clinic) The kids love it. We love it. We are busy. We are here early. We all come in early. Some of us stay late. We work through our lunch hour. Different one of us were here on the weekend during our own time. I know I was here for 2.5 hours just having fun.
Nearly every Mid Dakota Clinic in Bismarck is competing in a decorating contest.
All in the race to take home 1st place bragging rights.
(Bob Winandy / Chair of Social Committee) "This week is our decorating contest, but people have been ever since end of Thanksgiving decorating for this already. They like to have fun. "
(Tammy Berger / RN, Mid Dakota Clinic) "On Friday after work, that is when we put a lot of time and effort into it. We were hanging the snowflakes, finishing the trees, anything that we needed to, we were doing a lot of that."
The winning clinic and the winning department individual will each receive $250 dollars to donate to the charity of their choice.
Berger says if they take ho me 1st prize, the Make A Wish Foundation will receive their winnings.
(Diane Glatt / LPN) "It started off small, it just snowballed. It's never been about winning, it's been about having fun and doing it.And in the end if we win. actually a child will win."
All this work...in hopes of making a child's wish come true this Christmas Season.

Judging takes place this week.
Winners will be announced on Friday.