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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update 3-18-20
Dear Mid Dakota Clinic Patient, 
We are grateful for your trust in us as we experience our state's exposure to the COVID-19 virus. We want you to know what Mid Dakota Clinic is doing to help support you and your family's health during this time. 
If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms and have traveled from a domestic or international region where the virus exists, or have been in contact with someone with the virus, PLEASE CALL 701.712.4145 to speak with a virus triage specialist. 

In order to help ensure the health of well patients and keep our own staff well, we ask that if you have a new respiratory illness (whether you think it’s a cold, the flu, or are experiencing other respiratory symptoms) you seek care ONLY at our TODAY Clinic located at 401 N. 9th St. If you have made an appointment for any respiratory illness or concern, please cancel your office appointment and come to the TODAY Clinic at 401 N. 9th St.   
Our goal is to provide all patients who are not exhibiting sick symptoms a visit experience that is lower in viral transmission caused by coughing, sneezing, shared waiting space, and so forth.  Thank you for your understanding if you are asked to be redirected to a new location. 
In order to serve you better and ensure your own health and the health of others visiting any of our clinic locations, we have implemented a pre-visit and an on-site screening process.
Here is how the screening process works: 
You will be greeted outside our clinic entrances and asked a few questions based on CDC guidelines.
IF responses indicate low likeliness for respiratory illness: 
  • You will check in for your appointment as you normally would. 
IF responses indicate a risk for respiratory illness:  
  • You will be redirected to our TODAY Clinic at 401 N. 9th St. for your care. 
  • If possible, please call 701.712.4145 before you arrive to provide basic information needed for your visit. 
  • Look for directional signs on our Main Clinic property for the RESPIRATORY PATIENT ENTRANCE. Enter there. 
During your visit, you may be asked to wear a protective mask. The visit will involve a review of symptoms, your exposure risk, and recommendations for care.  If recommended, a nasal swab may be collected.  You may also be given care instructions in order to minimize possible exposure to others.  The fact that you were asked to be tested does NOT indicate you are positive.

If tested, you will be notified of results in approximately 48 hours or less. Test results may also be obtained via the Mid Dakota Clinic Online Patient Portal.  If you are using a Verizon wireless or other SPAM filtering app on your phone, please modify it to accept calls from our prefix of "712."  Without that feature disabled, our calls with your results will not ring through. Verizon or your app provider can help you with how to do this.
We encourage you to stay informed and connected to us.  For updates on social media, please Like us on Facebook.  For updates via email, please check your email regularly.
We thank you for your cooperation during this time. We are here to do all we may to provide you with any care you or your family may need. 
Robert Tanous, DO 
Medical Director 

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