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An Open Letter to Our Patients

Thursday, June 22

Dear Mid Dakota Clinic Patients,

Recently we wrote an open letter to you to tell you of our excitement in having signed a merger agreement with Sanford Heatlh.  Because our relationship with you is so personal and important we wanted to respond as promptly as possible to the news of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and North Dakota Attorney General attempting to delay or halt our partnership with Sanford Health.
As you might recall from our previous communication with you, we are focused on expanding and providing additional services to you and all of our patients. Our efforts in this partnership were to provide more and enhanced services, recruitment and retention of top-notch talent, new facility construction and stability that you can count on to sustain and grow health care services in the Bismarck region.
We couldn't be more disappointed in the FTC and AG's attempts to delay us from expanding and enhancing key services for you and your families.  It is important to share with you that we consulted with some of the best experts in the country as we have evaluated this partnership and have come to the conclusion that both the FTC and AG simply have their facts and legal arguments wrong. We are confident in our assessment of this partnership and all the benefits it will provide and intend to robustly defend our efforts to enhance and expand services for our patients in the Bismarck region.
We anticipate that a hearing will happen sometime in the coming months and we will keep you informed should something change.  Please know that you are top of mind in all of our discussions and we continue to be excited about the potential of this new partnership.  This letter is intended to keep you informed as things progress and requires no action on your part.
Thank you for the privilege of caring for you and your families.

Shelly Seifert, M.D.
Mid Dakota Clinic Board Chair


Wednesday, June 21

An Open Letter to Our Patients

Dear Mid Dakota Clinic Patients,

Today we are pleased to share with you that Mid Dakota Clinic and Sanford Health have signed a merger agreement, completing one of the final steps toward a combined relationship announced in September. By keeping the focus on you, our patient, and the trust you place in us every day, Mid Dakota Clinic and Sanford Health have developed a relationship that is also built on trust. We intend to finalize that relationship as soon as possible.

What this means for you: Few relationships are more personal to you than your choice of doctor and healthcare providers. As our merger efforts become more public, we wanted you to be among the first to know how this partnership will ensure your continued excellent care and provide for improved access to much-needed new and expanded services.

First and most importantly, you, as a Mid Dakota Clinic patient, can continue the relationships you and your family have with your current doctor and choose the hospital that best fits your unique needs. There will be no interruptions to your healthcare and no limitations on your personal care choices.

Second, from the beginning of these merger discussions, both organizations recognized that by working together we could not only navigate the enormous challenges in providing higher quality and lower cost healthcare, but also increase access to existing services while offering new services.  Our commitment to your care includes the following:

More Services: Together, we will introduce new specialty and other healthcare services that neither Mid Dakota Clinic nor Sanford could feasibly accomplish alone. We will strive to add new services in areas of reproductive medicine, urogynecology, pediatric endocrinology, pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric neurology and more clinical trials. We intend to enhance existing infusion facilities and expand outreach, diabetes care, cancer care and children’s obesity services.

Recruiting: This merger will position the combined organization with an improved ability to recruit and retain doctors and other top-notch talent, strengthening our capacity to offer specialty services closer to home allowing patients to be near their friends and family when highly specialized care is needed.

Facility Investments: Together, we will make new facility investments a reality. We have identified priority building projects focused on women’s, children’s, cancer, surgical, specialty procedure and trauma expansions, remodels and even new construction.
Stability: A healthy community deserves a strong healthcare system. This partnership benefits the entire state, all of our communities, every employee and most importantly, you. As separate organizations, our resources were stretched. Becoming one organization allows us to sustain and enhance services by bringing together two Midwestern organizations under a common mission to provide you with the doctors and health system you can continue to know and trust.   

Please know we deeply appreciate the trust you have placed in us and are committed to doing what’s best for you and all of our patients. As things progress, we will continue to communicate with you about this exciting news. Thank you for allowing us to be part of your healthcare.
Shelly Seifert, M.D.
Mid Dakota Clinic Board Chair

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