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Mid Dakota Clinic values your feedback!
You may be contacted by mail and asked to provide feedback on your health care experience at Mid Dakota Clinic. If you receive a survey, please take the time to respond. Your answers will help your provider continue to deliver high-quality care.
Participation is voluntary. Your answers are confidential and will never be seen by your provider or affect your health care benefits.
Someone like a family member or friend can help you by recording your answers, reading the survey to you, or translating it into your language. However, if you can’t respond because of poor health or other limitations, someone like a family member or friend knowledgeable about the your care can take the survey on your behalf.

Purpose? The purpose of the survey is to improve primary care in America. Your health care provider conducts this survey to learn how they can improve the experience and health care of their patients. Participation is voluntary, confidential, and very important to your provider.

How did they get my name? Your provider’s office supplied the names and addresses of all current patients who have received care at their practice to an independent survey vendor. The vendor selects a random sample of these patients, so you may or may not receive a survey this year. If you are selected, we ask you to help us by completing and returning the survey. The vendor will keep your answers to the survey questions confidential. Your name and address are only used to contact you. The survey vendor will destroy all identifying information after the survey period ends.

Who will contact me? If you are contacted, it will be by an independent survey vendor. Patients receive an envelope mailed to their home address from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with a survey and instructions on how to complete the survey via paper.

When? Surveys will be mailed starting in January 2022.

Is this survey for all patients? Yes, it is for all adult patients. It does not matter who your insurer is, if you are uninsured, or how frequently you see the provider at this practice. Remember the survey vendor takes a random sample of patients from this practice, so you may or may not get a survey this year.

Do I need to respond to this survey? You are not required to respond to the survey. However, your feedback is very important in helping your provider improve the quality of care you receive. Your decision to participate and provide answers to this survey will not affect the health care you get or your insurance coverage.

What kind of questions are asked? The questions in the survey ask about your health care experiences. For example, how hard or easy it is to get appointments, and if your health care team listens to you and explains things in a way that is easy to understand.

How long does the survey take? The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete.

Is my information confidential? Yes, all the information we collect through the survey is confidential. Your provider will only see results in summary form, without names, so they will not know who responded or how anyone answered. Even though your answers are not tied to you, they help your provider improve the experience and health of their patients.

Need assistance? Someone like a family member or friend can help the patient by recording the patient’s answers, reading the survey to the patient, or translating it into the patient’s language. However, if the patient can’t respond because of poor health or mental or physical limitations, someone like a family member or friend knowledgeable about the patient’s care can take the survey on the patient’s behalf.

Spanish surveys? If a Spanish survey is needed, call 1-888-467-9096 and the vendor will mail you a Spanish survey.

For more information: Starting January 2022, patients can call toll free 1-888-467-9096 or email

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