The PCMH model increases the satisfaction of our patients by making them participants in their care plans, working closely with their primary care providers. NCQA’s evaluations will help us bring our services into alignment with PCMH practices, and will also show how Mid Dakota Clinic rates in specific service areas compared to state or national ratings.

NCQA’s Patient-Centered Medical Home program highlights primary care providers who have shown us they can coordinate care among all a patient’s doctors and other health care providers.
  • You get better access through expanded hours.
  • You get help understanding treatment options and are a partner in decisions about your care.
  • Providers work in teams to prevent problems and manage chronic conditions to keep you healthy.
The result is better quality and fewer costly trips to emergency rooms and hospitals.
All of our tables below reflect the triple-aim of healthcare, in that if we are doing preventative care, making certain our patients are receiving recommended screenings and improving the patient experience.
The IHI Triple Aim is a framework developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement that describes an approach to optimizing health system performance. It is IHI’s belief that new designs must be developed to simultaneously pursue three dimensions, which they call the “Triple Aim”:
  • Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction);
  • Improving the health of populations; and
  • Reducing the per capita cost of health care.
While ratings provide valuable information, they don’t measure one of the most important elements of our practice, which is the relationship between the patient and our healthcare providers. Whether you’re a new patient or whether your family has been relying on us for generations, we value the trust you place in us. We are privileged to care for you, and we dedicate ourselves to providing the high quality of care you’ve come to expect from Mid Dakota Clinic.

Results for Breast Cancer Screenings

Patients receiving recommended breast cancer screenings
  Mar 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Mar 2017 Jun 2017
Gateway Mall Clinic 71% 69% 67% 67% 68%
Gateway Mall Pediatrics N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Kirkwood Mall Clinic 68% 66% 66% 65% 66%
Main Clinic 74% 72% 72% 72% 73%
National Average 66.8% 66.8% 66.8% 66.8% 66.8%


Results for Childhood Immunizations

Patients receiving recommended childhood immunization series 4:3:1:3:3:1:4
  Mar 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Mar 2017 Jun 2017
Gateway Mall Clinic 73.1% 74.6% 73.6% 82.1% 89.5%
Gateway Mall Pediatrics 87.4% 86.8% 87.0% 86.1% 89.3%
Kirkwood Mall Clinic 78.3% 84.2% 83.6% 82.4% 85.2%
Main Clinic 90.5% 94.1% 87.5% 89.5% 86.7%
ND Average* 71.3% 71.3% 80.2% 80.2% 80.2%
National Average** 71.6% 71.6% 72.2% 72.2% 72.2%
* North Dakota Department of Health https://www.ndhealth.gov/Immunize/NDIIS/Rates.aspx
** Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States 2015 https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/65/wr/mm6539a4.htm#T1_down


Results for Care Coordination

Patients receiving medication reconciliation*
  Mar 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Mar 2017 Jun 2017
Gateway Mall Clinic No data 99% 100% 100% 100%
Gateway Mall Pediatrics No data 97% 96% 97% 99%
Kirkwood Mall Clinic No data 99% 99% 99% 100%
Main Clinic No data 99% 100% 100% 100%
*The process of identifying the most accurate list of all medications a patient is taking, including name, dosage, frequency, and route by comparing the medical record to an external list of medications obtained from a patient, hospital, or other provider. 


Results for Patient Satisfaction

Patients who rated their provider a score of 9-10 on the CG-CAHPS Survey

  Mar 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Mar 2017
Gateway Mall Clinic 84% 80.9% 86.0% 85.0%
Gateway Mall Pediatrics N/A N/A N/A N/A
Kirkwood Mall Clinic 80% 84.4% 89.0% 87.5%
Main Clinic 84.1% 87.8% 85.0% 86.9%
Top Box Score
81% 81% 81.0% 81.0%
  Mar 2016 Sep 2016 Dec 2016 Mar 2017 Jun 2017
Gateway Mall Clinic No data* 87.9% No data* No data* No data*
Gateway Mall Pediatrics No data* 86.5% 94.2% 88.4% 88.4%
Kirkwood Mall Clinic No data* 77.7% 64.6% 72.1% 72.1%
Main Clinic No data* 87.5% No data* No data* No data*
Top Box Score
  82% 82% 82% 82%
*Insufficient data (fewer than thirty completed surveys for the quarter).