ThinkStockPhotos514672683_motivated_providers.jpgAt Mid Dakota Clinic, it is our responsibility to provide our patients with high quality healthcare. Below we define our responsibilities in putting our patients at the center of their care as a Patient-Centered Medical Home.

Our responsibilities as a Patient-Centered Medical Home:
  • Learn about you, your family, your life situation, health goals, and preferences.
  • Take care of any short-term illness, long-term chronic disease, and your general well-being.
  • Keep you up-to-date on all your vaccines and preventive screening tests.
  • Connect you with other members of your care team (specialists, health coaches, etc.) and coordinate your care with them as your health needs change.
  • Be available to you after hours for your urgent needs.
  • Notify you of test results in a timely manner.
  • Communicate clearly with you so you understand your condition(s) and all your options.
  • Listen to your questions and feelings.
  • Help you make the best decisions for your care.
  • Give you information about classes, support groups, or other services that can help you learn more about your condition and stay healthy.
Patient care is considered “unique.” What differs from patient to patient will be the services and benefits that each person receives, which is based on how healthy a patient is. Patients who have chronic conditions will receive services related to better managing their disease.