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For your convenience, cashiers are available at the clinic entrances to process payment of your account or you may make a secure, online payment at Make a Payment. The clinic accepts MasterCard, VISA, and Discover.

If you have any questions regarding payments, call the cashiers at 701.712.4079 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4079. If credit arrangements are necessary, the credit department will assist you. Please call 701.712.4064 or 800.472.2113 ext 4064.

The clinic's fees reflect the cost of tests and procedures as well as the time required for examination and treatment. Mid Dakota Clinic is committed to providing the best healthcare possible at the lowest possible cost. If you have questions about our fees, please call the business office at 701.712.4062 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4062.

Account statements are mailed after insurance processes your charges or charges are posted to your account if you are uninsured. Payments received from you and your insurance company are listed, along with any outstanding balance. You may also view your account statement anytime through My MDC Chart/Patient Portal. If you have any questions regarding fees and billing, our staff will be happy to speak with you. If hospitalization is required as part of your treatment, you will receive a separate billing from the hospital for hospital charges

If you are uninsured, you will be required to make a pre-payment upon check-in that will applied to your total bill. The remainder of your bill will appear on a monthly account statement and the balance will be due within 30 days unless payment arrangements have been made with the credit department.

The clinic's insurance department has a knowledgeable staff to assist you in filing your insurance claims; however, you are ultimately responsible for the cost of your medical care. In order to ensure that your claim is processed quickly and correctly, it is important that you bring your insurance card with you, and that you notify the clinic's insurance department of any changes in your coverage.

Please call us with questions at the following numbers depending on the insurance covering your claim:

701.712.4070 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4070

Blue Cross Blue Shield
701.712.4065 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4065

Commercial Insurance
701.712.4066 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4066

701.712.4067 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4067

701.712.4068 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4068

Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI)/Disability
701.712.4069 or 800.472.2113 ext. 4069

WorkLife Occupational Medicine
701.712.4400 or 800.548.5813


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